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Bleach [7]
Summary: Kakashi Hatake is a high school teacher & a sensi (of past & present students). There's a lot of things he can stand but, abuse is NOT one of them! So, when he stumbles upon his student Kairi Roza Sun begin beaten he takes matters into his own hands.

Kairi is an 18 year old, high school ninja, who comes from a bad home life. Who suffers daily beatings at the hands of her uncle Ryu. When Kakashi Hatake (her teacher & her long time crush) comes her aid one day, will she find a way to repay him?

Kakashi is going on a B ranked mission with Kairi & her teamates in the Hidden Village of the Rising Sun, when he finds out that their begin followed by a group of of Sound ninja that have been ordered by Orochimaru to bring Kairi to him no matter the costs, will Kakashi be able to save Kairi from Orochimaru's evil plans or will have to recuse her?
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Type: Het
Warnings: Adult content / Sexual Situations, Language, Rape / Non-Con, Violence
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[Report This] Published: Jan 27, 2013 Updated: Mar 03, 2013