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Peter and Kermit meet.
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YingWelcome fellow Fuies to our underground home, hidden deep inside the website.  If you found us without help from a search engine, then congratulations, you are smarter than Kermit.  But I wouldn't tell him that if I were you!

IMPORTANT MESSAGE:After almost three decades of archiving wonderful stories and making some great friends over the years, I have decided to redrawal from webhosting. I no longer have the time I once did, nor the desire to write fanfiction. Worse, traffic to the website has dropped steadily over the years, justifing the reason to close it.

The sad news is the fandom has died, those who once were active in fandom have moved on to other things. The good news is that unlike other small fandoms, we had a great 28 years, and 24 of those years happened after the series was cancelled.

The memories we shared, I will always cherish. The archive will remain open until April 30th.  Who knows, something might change, hopefully the corona virus will be a bad memory, and the world has returned to normal activity. In the meantime, enjoy what is here.

Thanks everyone, Cindy



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Connected by Lisa Lovewell PG
The moment when Peter and Caine's path changed that would bring them back together.
From the Ashes by Ellie_M_P PG-13
The year is 1978, the location - a gloomy orphanage in a Northern US city... The orphanage just welcomes its latest resident.
This is the story of the twelve-year old Peter Caine and his first...
A WonderFu Life by kaleidopy PG
Paul believes everyone would have lived a better life if he had never been born. When someone shows him that reality, it is not what he expected.
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New stories are coming. I just haven't had time to upload them as planned.

--Cindy on Jan 02, 2020 08:03 pm 0 Comments

I'm aware of a few stories and chapters are missing. A special thanks to Kelly for her assistance in tbis problem. Thanks Kelly!

-- on Nov 20, 2019 09:24 pm 0 Comments

I'm currently trying to sort the stories into different catagories. Such as season, post or pre series, etc.

--Cindy on Nov 03, 2019 07:32 pm 0 Comments