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Featured Story
At What Price by Denyse Bridger
Summary: After Caine is shot, Peter attempts to even the score. But, at what price?
Rated: PG
Categories: KFTLC

Most Recent
Adrift by immertreu
Summary: Logan just wanted to know what made Scott tick. He never wished for him to hurt like this.
Rated: PG-13
Categories: X-Men

Damaged but Not Broken by immertreu
Summary: Lucas gets captured in the line of duty - again. His friends race to rescue him, but what will they find?
Rated: PG-13
Categories: Spooks/MI-5

Storm City by akaeve
Summary: What would happen if there was a tornado warning in DC and the team all converged in Gibbs' basement? Read on
Rated: PG
Categories: NCIS

Story of the Moment
{ The Way Found by shywalk
Summary: The continuation of Peter's lost way....
Rated: PG
Categories: KFTLC

Welcome to Kaleidopy's Lair, a small archive proudly hosting fan fiction, in one form or another, since the early 1990s. What started out as a personal archive hosted on Yahoo Geocities back in 1992, morphed into Fan Fiction Writers in 2006. Now that Fanfiction Writers has closed, the website has come full circle. 

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  1. Writers - for obvious reasons.
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  3. Reading PG-13 rated stories. Only because some stories might contain material not suited for younger readers.

important If you do register for an account, make sure to add something in the bio section. Leaving the section blank will flag the account as spam and will be deleted.  

Writers, do not get discouraged if you do not receive feedback or high read counts on your stories. This is a small archive, flying under the internet radar. Until word gets out, website traffic will be almost non-existant. Just don't give up and whatever you do, don't stop posting your stories.

Also, a new classification has been added called 'verse'. As many know, some fandoms, (X-Men, Batman, LOTR, etc), were originally created from a book, and later turned into a movie or television series. With 'verse', a writer now has the option to post stories in their correct verse, therefore making it easier for all concerned.  

Finally, if anyone has a suggestion, finds a problem, or needs help, just email me using the 'Contact Me' link.  Hopefully the email problems have been resolved.

Thanks everyone,

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Since changing servers, there has been issues with the website's email. If you have signed up for an account and have not received your password via email, first check your spam folder, and if it isn't there, contact me. 

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