The Archives



Instead of hosting a large multi-fandom archive, I have downsized to archiving fandoms I am currently involved, or have plans to write in the future. Writers, please feel free to add your stories. Readers are welcome to enjoy the stories posted, post a review or two, and email writers to offer encouragement and feedback.


Kung-Fu: The Legend Continues. No surprise. It was one of the first online fandoms I loved and started writing. I've made some wonderful friends through this little fandom. (under construction).

Lord of the Rings - Love this fandom. (under construction)

Marvel - at the moment, this archive contains X-Men (mostly Gambit) stories, but with Avengers and other Marvel characters becoming popular once more, the archive will branch out in the Marvel universe. (under construction)

Westerns: If you love tv westerns, this is the place for you. (under construction)